Milk Stout – 500ml – 6.0% ABV

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Milk Stout – 500ml – 6.0%

The Milk Stout is our Black Pearl amid the Seven Amber Seas. This beer boasts a strong roasted barley flavour with both crystal and chocolate malt notes; infused with a residual sweetness due to the lactose, a key component that gives this beer its milky smoothness.

Though “Milk Stout” has not always been considered an accurate name for this style (no actual milk is used in this recipe), it certainly provides an accurate description. We prefer our dark beers full of flavour, black as the Ace of Spades, and infused with a modest level of carbonation. Parrots are optional, as are wooden legs.

This beer is best served at room temperature to allow the flavours to reach their full potential.


At The Factory we take pride in quality craft beer. We stick to brewing small batches to improve variety in our beer styles and offerings. We will take all feedback on board – If you have purchased one of our beers and have thoroughly enjoyed it, please let us know se we can learn which beers to brew again when they run out. Should you have a constructive criticism, please share this with us so we can consider your perspective. Due to the nature of our small scale brewery at times we may not have your favourite beer on offer. Should this occur, please leave us a message so we can incorporate your wishes into our brewing schedule. Finally, please follow us on Facebook to keep track of our developments!

Note: All our beers are hand crafted, unfiltered, and bottled by hand – some variances may occur.

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