About Us

About The Factory

In the beginning there was a vision… a simple but profound vision… a vision the guided us to the land of craft beer brewing:

To make better beer.

Now… This vision has become a reality.

We proudly bring you quality craft beer from the South Island of New Zealand. Hand crafted by passionate brewers who have tested hundreds of recipes to provide you with quality beer.

As of 2019 The Factory Invercargill will be dedicated at creating new recipes and dynamic flavoursome beers for the New Zealand craft beer market. We will be brewing limited edition beers, and we will invite you to provide feedback, so we can forever improve on our craft and develop that elusive range of best beers (because let’s face it… there are as many opinions as there are grain husks in a mash tun!).

We hope we can entice you to try our creations and we invite you to discuss your opinion, experience, mood, thirst, and most of all your enjoyment, of our pride and joy.

Yours truly,

The brew team at The Factory Invercargill.